If you’ve recently had to re-evaluate your spending habits, please get in line with your fabric mask securely in place while maintaining the recommended 1,5 metre social distancing practices

In a few short months a lot has changed. Half of us don’t wear real pants or makeup anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can let your skincare fly out the window and look like a potato when you have to go into the office.

Here is my medium-term plan.  

Keep up a basic skincare routine [Invest or save] 

I look at my clean face in the mirror many nights and wonder whether I really need to bother cleansing it, but the answer is a loud yes. You shouldn’t change much about your skincare routine aside from seasonal adjustments right about now.

That includes continuing to double cleanse, apply your products in their usual order and finish with SPF in the mornings.  

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If you need to make some cuts the first thing I’d look for is a more basic cleanser and moisturiser variants. If you already know the products, keep an eye out for offers and scoop them up on a 3 for 2 deal. If you need to streamline some more, you may be able to eliminate a serum if you’re layering more than one, and instead alternate them 

If you can afford something extra, upgrade your serums or add an additional one. 

Scrape the bottom of the barrel [Save] 

Whether you’re with the group of the population that are re-organising everything around them for the sake of their sanity or not, gather all your opened cosmetic products. Wipe them down if they’ve gathered dust, and put them in a decorative container or a pretty tray. You’re much more likely to use something that looks appealing. 

Put this somewhere you can’t miss and systematically start finishing all the bits and pieces that you’ve previously lost interest in. You’ll be surprised at how far you can get with odds and ends.  

Aesthetic procedures [Invest] 

Whether it’s because you don’t quite feel confident to answer a video call any time of the day, or whether you’re looking into low maintenance longer-term options, there are plenty of aesthetic procedures on offer.  

Semi-permanent eyeliner and/or a lash lift can make you look wide awake all day, every day.  

Eyebrow enhancement (microblading, pixel blading or permanent makeup) can add great definition to your features.  

Injectables (fillers and botulinum toxin) can soften features and lines, improve proportions and restore volume.  

Rethink your hair colour & processes [Invest to save] 

While most of my friends have had to resort to DYI hair dyes or interesting regrowths, my hair looks exactly like it should (if we disregard the Corona kuif I have cut myself)

My hair stylist at Tanaz feels very strongly that her clients time is as precious as their money, so my balayage highlights are built to gracefully grow out in 4-6 months regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not 

While highlights may not necessarily be the solution for everyone, if you have your hair professionally done, I don’t believe it shouldn’t be a copy and paste exercise that requires you to return every 6 weeks.