Halsey has hit out at criticism for not “claiming her black side”

The 25-year-old singer has been taking part in protests sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, but was subjected to backlash over the language she uses about the subject, despite being biracial.

A Twitter user wrote in a now-deleted post: “Notice how @Halsey never claims her black side, but she ‘supports.’ Stop being ignorant. She’s never claimed her Black side. This is why I will NEVER support her.

“On her post she says ‘let black ppl speak,’ not ‘let our ppl speak.’ Nah, f**k her (sic)”

In response, the Without Me hitmaker explained she feels she is “white passing” and though she is “in pain”, as a result she doesn’t think it is her “place” to use the word ‘we’ because she doesn’t feel in danger because of her ethnicity

She wrote: “im white passing. it’s not my place to say ‘we.’ it’s my place to help. i am in pain for my family, but nobody is gonna kill me based on my skin color.

“‘I’ve always been proud of who I am but it’d be an absolute disservice to say ‘we’ when I’m not susceptible to the same violence.(sic)”

Halsey has previously admitted that she has found it “weird” growing up with a white mother and a black father.

She said in 2017: “I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman. It’s been weird navigating that.”

She jokingly added: “When I was growing up, I didn’t know if I was supposed to love TLC or Britney.”

Author: BANG Showbiz