If you’re bored with your old favourites, you might find some new faves at Sorbet. See their whole range online and have your shopping delivered to your door.

I tried some new products from Sorbet, here’s what I thought…



A different type of mask

Off with the face mask, we need to wear, and on with a face mask we want to wear!

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Whatever your skin care needs, Sorbet has a mask for them.

With a huge range that includes a vitamin brightening mask and a mani-care hand mask, you will definitely find something you like.

I tried the Hydro skin hydrating skin mask, but not before I Googled what type of acid I was putting on my face. Spoiler: it’s the good kind.

The hyaluronic acid and ceramide are a great combination; healing, repairing, and protecting the skin all while locking in moisture.

Be ready with a clean pair of scissors before you put on the sheet mask. Sheet masks do not always fit right and you might need to alter it to fit your face.

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Sorbet Hydro Skin Hydrating Mask R54.95, Clicks

Handy creams for dry hands

Our hands are the first point of contact for many things, and because of this, the skin on our hands is vulnerable to damage and quicker aging and deteriorating skin quality.

Sorbet has a range of hand creams that covers so many different issues you could have with your hands and nails. Good hand cream is a must-have, especially now that we are washing and sanitising our hands more than ever before.

The creases on my hands become exaggerated when my hands are cold or dry. The Sorbet Salon Pro Hand Cream Collagen perks them right up, without leaving an oily residue.

Although my hands did feel dry to the touch sooner than expected, they didn’t look dry at all.


Sorbet Salon Pro Hand Cream Collagen 75ml R54.99,Clicks

Facial wipes that do more than wipe

Face wipes are a good way to keep your skin feeling fresh between washes. Washing your face too often can strip it of necessary oils and damage it, making it sensitive and dry.

Using wipes is a good alternative, especially for removing make-up. Finding wipes that remove make-up without drying the skin or removing moisture is a tall order.

I used Sorbet’s hydrating hyaluronic acid wipes between a sweaty walk and a video meeting. I was pleasantly surprised by how the wipe didn’t dry my skin. I expected a dry tight feeling, but my skin just felt clean and light.

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Sorbet Hydrating Hyaluron Acid Facial Wipes 25 Wipes R39.99, Clicks


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