The Bachelor SA’s finale received mixed reviews from viewers

Marc Buckner gave speech therapist Marisia van Wyk his final rose on Thursday night’s finale.

The couple are now engaged, much to the excitement of Marisia’s fans.

“I’m glad Mark followed his heart. Marisia was authentic and stayed true to herself from getgo, I forever stan a real and transparent queen so like Marisia says ‘yaaaa’,” one Twitter user wrote.

But not everyone was thrilled with Marc’s decision. Many thought that Bridget Marshall should have been his pick

“I just knew Marc would do the same thing Lee did to Jozaan. Him and Bridget had a good thing going on but the show needed a twist #TheBachelorSA,” one tweep wrote.

Some Twitter users went so far as to claim that “Marc’s break-up speech to Bridget was deeper than his whole speech to Marisia”.

Some Twitter users also joked that Marc’s “unromantic” proposal looked more like the couple was social distancing.

Here’s a look at Marc’s proposal if you missed it:


Several viewers said that the finale was “boring” and wondered if the couple pulled a Lee and Gina by calling it quits

Lee Thompson proposed to celebrity make-up artist Gina Myers during last season’s final ceremony. But the couple had broken up by the time the finale aired.

Marc and Marisia’s fans will be happy to know that the lovers still appear to be going strong.

The couple revealed that they went to Thailand after Marc’s proposal for a romantic holiday.

They have been inseparable ever since!

Now that season two has wrapped up, viewers are hoping that the next bachelor will be a man of colour.

“#TheBachelorSA Can we open up applications for black bachelors now? Let’s nominate who we want to see. I’ll start,” one Twitter user captioned a post with some of her nominations.