Live up to your childhood fantasies and finally put together the princess bedroom little you would be proud of

Making your bedroom a happy place is very important. What better way to do that than by turning your bedroom into a dream come true?

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The four-poster bed

No royal chamber is complete without a lavishly appointed bed. Make your bed the centre of the room by going big.

It doesn’t get bigger than a four-poster bed. A wooden frame allows you to choose any colour you like, adapting the bed to your tastes. Drape lace curtains over the posters to complete the look.

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princess bedroom

Canopy four-poster bed R5400, Young at H-art

A dazzling chandelier

A crystal chandelier is a classic sign of opulence and luxury. Make an impression with this affordable faux crystal chandelier – it’s all of the glamour for only a portion of the cost of a real crystal chandelier.

While decorative items are important for completing the look, invest more in making the room comfortable.

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princess bedroom

Bright Star Lighting Polished Chrome with Clear Acrylic Crystals R419,

The Persian rug

Persian rugs aren’t just expensive because they’re exotic. The details threaded through the rugs by hand are what makes them so valuable.

Machine woven Persian rugs are the next best thing. They come in a variety of colours to match your tastes and décor.

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princess bedroom

Waltex area rug stressed medallion charcoal R599,

A golden frame

A framed portrait or even a selfie personalises your room. A gold moulded frame is the perfect touch of vintage. Put a black and white selfie in it for artful contrast and a dash of personality.

princess bedroom

Frame Opera Golden R350, Leroy Merlin