It’s been months since you’ve had your hair done by a professional, your eyebrows have grown back and you now you have to go back to work

We aren’t offering salon appointments, but our easy DIY beauty tips can help you get office-ready without the help of your regular glam squad.

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The old fashioned pat down

You had been enjoying your stylish cropped sides, Zozi or Nandi Madida inspired natural hair when the lockdown cut you off from your barber.

With new growth, your hair cut has definitely lost its shape and if you aren’t planning on just shaving it all off like Lockdown and Uzalo actress Dawn King, then patting it down is your best bet.

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When your natural hair is wet, is the best time to shape and style it. If you aren’t washing your hair, make it damp by spraying a little water on it, then moisturise as usual. After combing your hair neatly, press it down, starting where your hair is longest to try and make it uniformly shorter.

Comb a parting through the side for a touch of style.

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Don’t start plucking

Your eyebrow whisperer has been off duty and you haven’t kept your brows up. If your brows have outgrown the shape your eyebrow artists had plucked them into, it’s way too late to start plucking them yourself now.

Plucking your eyebrows can end very badly; the worst thing about it is it will take weeks for your eyebrows to recover. Rather brush your eyebrows and keep them in place with a holding mousse.

Embrace the trendy natural brow!

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Soak it off

Few of us are gifted DIY manicurists and even fewer can get their right hand looking as good as their left hand.

If your acrylic or gel nail set has made it this far, it’s time you soak it off. Aside from having grown longer than you intended, your natural nails deserve a break. Giving your natural nails a break between nail sets helps them recover from the damage caused by your manicure.

When removing your nail set, be sure to soak them off correctly and avoid pulling or attempting to forcefully lift them.

Root spray

Your natural hair colour is more obvious than ever. If your hair isn’t growing out gracefully and taking on a trendy ombre feel, you are among the unlucky many.

If you can’t risk a DIY dye job, then maybe spray-on temporary hair dye is a solution for you. Cover your roots and pesky grey hairs in seconds by simply spraying the dye on as directed and enjoy.

Throw it in a bun

Unfortunately, dry and split ends aren’t as easy to solve. There is no spray on fix for this one.

If your hair is damaged and needs professional intervention, the best thing to do is throw it in a bun while you wait. Having your hair in a bun not only disguises damage but also keeps hair protected from constant manipulation which could also contribute to more damage.