How to create home office you’ll love working in
Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

3. Choose the best desk for your space

If you do need to buy a desk, look for space-saving options that would complement the rest of the room decor and possibly offer extra storage space for office supplies.

For example, a narrow ladder shelf desk usually has a small floor space footprint while the shelving helps you make the most of the vertical wall space for storage. As a bonus, the shelving draws eyes up which helps create the illusion of space by making ceilings look higher than they are.

If you’re tight on space and want to be able to ‘pack the office away’ every day, look for wall mounted desks that take up as little space as possible and can be closed up after use, much like an old-fashioned writing bureau.

Other space-saving options include simple shelf desks (which you can make by installing a shelf at desk height), and fold-up ‘Murphy’ desks. If you’re handy, look for DIY tutorials online to making a fold-up desk.

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4. Take a seat

What should do if you don’t like the idea of a spacey looking black office chair in your home?

You could use a comfortable dining chair or look for an office chair in a colour that better complements your home decor colour scheme. However, if you’re crafty, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to DIY reupholster an office chair.

The simplest way to disguise an office chair when you’re not using it is to toss a pretty throw over it and add a scatter cushion.