Working from home is the new normal, but if a lack of space is making it hard, these small home office ideas may help…

If you find it hard to be productive when working at the dinner table alongside your spouse and kids, only to have to clear it for every meal, you need to carve out space for a small home office. Here are a few ways to do it…

1. Find a spot

Look for an underutilised nook or corner of your home where you’d be comfortable working. It could be in your bedroom, the kitchen or in a corner of the living room.

Measure the space you have so that you can work out what kind of desk you could set up there.

2. Use what you have and make it fit in

If you have a small desk, table or even a patio table that you could use in the space, give it a try.

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If it’s less than pretty, cover it with a table cloth or drop sheet. This could also help the desk blend into the room decor better – especially if your home office nook is in a bedroom or living room.  

Maximise your home office by adding vertical storage space for office supplies by installing simple wall shelves. Decorate the shelves with attractive storage boxes so that you can keep office supplies in reach all while reducing visual clutter.

If you want, you could even add a few picture frames, plants and ornaments to make the space inspiring and help it fit in with the rest of the room decor.

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