VEEDO’s #datafree reverse billing means that your company pays the data bill for your next video conferencing call

Lockdown has affected how we live and work with many companies and individuals making use of digital technologies that allow them to work from home and stay connected. The most significant change is the demand for video-conferencing with apps such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

However, like all online services, video conferencing uses data and in an emerging market like South Africa fibre and mobile data is expensive.

Employees may find it difficult to maintain data costs in this difficult economic time when salaries have been reduced.

Introducing VEEDO – SA’s first #datafree reverse billing video conferencing platform

VEEDO is a fully featured, secure, browser based, simple to use video conferencing solution with #datafree mobile access in South Africa – a purely South African product.

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Simple to use on both mobile and desktop devices, it allows businesses the opportunity to continue to engage with their employees ensuring all parties remain connected and productive!

  • This means that the business and not the individual will carry the data costs for all video conferencing needs.
  • There is no need to download an app, all you need is a Chrome-based browser.
  • This platform is feature-rich, providing high video and audio quality.
  • You don’t even need to have an airtime or data balance

VEEDO launches on 1 June 2020

For more information and to set up your #datafree VEEDO video platform, please visit //