Here are two items you could use to maximise your storage space and organise almost every room in your home…

If you’re short on storage space, these two items can be used in a number of ways to help organise almost every room in your home.

Get hooked up

Hooks can be used in a number of ways to help you keep almost any room organised, uncluttered and functional.

In a small bedroom, use an over-the-door hook system for your handbags and stick self-adhesive hooks in the inside of bedroom cupboards to store lightweight items like necklaces and peaked caps.

To get the most out of the storage space in a small kitchen, add self-adhesive hooks to the inside of cupboards so that you can store measuring cups and other lightweight cooking utensils that you use regularly.

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File it under awesome

Magazine file organisers are amazingly versatile home organisers.

In your bathroom cabinet or bedroom cupboard, use a magazine file organiser to store your hairdryer and flat iron in a space-saving vertical position.

If you don’t have a chest of drawers and have to store all your clothes in a wardrobe, magazine file organisers work wonderfully as a sock storage solution.

In the kitchen, maximise even the smallest pantry cupboard by using magazine file organisers to store vegetables like potatoes, onions and gem squash.

You can also keep plastic food container lids organised, store water bottles, tin foil, paper towel rolls and bin liners all in space-saving magazine file organisers.

In the living room, use a magazine file organiser to store TV remotes.