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Last updated on Sep 11th, 2020 at 10:37 am

To slow down the spread of Coronavirus and Covid-19, disinfecting surfaces in the work area and at home should be a top priority…

A quick and easy solution to disinfecting large surfaces is to use a cordless spray gun to spray disinfectant.

Sanitise with a spray gun

A cordless spray gun is highly effective to spray disinfectant, compared to regular cleaning. Any cordless spray gun will work, although EcoDepot recommends the Ryobi XSG-18 Cordless Spray Gun (usually sold as a paint spray gun) for reliability and value for money.

It has a comfortable soft grip handle as well as three variable spray options, one of them being a very fine mist spray, which is perfect for any surface that you may want to disinfect. It is also a lot more efficient than an agricultural sprayer, as it covers an entire surface with a thin layer of disinfectant without leaving untreated patches.

Virol-Oxy Disinfectant

Virol-Oxy is surface disinfectant which works within minutes and is highly effective against viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, fungi and spores. It’s a lot more gentle to most surfaces than diluted bleach and you can even use it to wash off some food products.

Virol-Oxy is a disinfectant elaborated in Germany and distributed by EcoDepot in South Africa. Virol-Oxy is also available in bulk 1kg packages, as well as an all-inclusive kit, to prepare 100L of disinfectant (1% solution).

How to disinfect large surfaces within minutes

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Dissolve Virol-Oxy in lukewarm water: To make 1 litre of highly effective 1% solution, dissolve 10 grams of Virol-Oxy Disinfectant in 1 litre of lukewarm water
  3. Stir the powder: Stir until the powder has dissolved, leaving a clear pink solution
  4. Assemble the spray gun: Insert the battery and the largest spray nozzle option for a fine mist spray, then attach the spray gun recipient that contains the Virol -Oxy 1% solution.
  5. Spray surfaces: Spray any hard surface and/or equipment, including floors, counters, windows, doors, knobs, benches, baths, sinks and much more
  6. Leave for 10 minutes: Leave for up to a minimum of 10 minutes, then wipe over with a paper towel

Watch how to disinfect surfaces using a cordless sprayer and Virol-Oxy:

Stay safe, and together we can flatten the curve! Visit EcoDepot for more DIY and home improvement products.

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