Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 05:33 pm

Khanyi Mbau has made no secret of the fact that she bleaches her skin, but the star’s fans just can’t seem to get over it

The actress was once again the talk of the Twitterverse when she posted a picture of herself on Twitter looking like her usual light-skinned self.

Tweeps were not kind in the comments.

“You’re the perfect example of why white supremacy needs to be eradicated. You were a beautiful black woman who damaged your skin because this world told you that white is the apex of beauty. I’m so very sorry,” one woman wrote.


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Another tweep wrote: “Hey darling, on an application do you tick black or white?’

A third person commented: “You are looking like a ghost in a Nigerian movie with that face.”

Khanyi did not bother replying to all the hateful comments, except one

A twitter user told the 34-year-old that she was “slowly turning into an albino”.

Khanyi responded with one word: “Goals”.

It’s not the first time that Khanyi has been attacked because of her decision to lighten her skin and it won’t be the last

She addressed her haters in a series of tweets that she shared in 2019.

“Remember that I am not a nanny, I am not here to raise your kids… find a better role model for them. Secondly, I am not a therapist to help you cope in being black or African. Lastly I am a celebrity you have a choice 2 love me or hate me (although I prefer us being cool),” she tweeted.

Khanyi, who has admitted to spending R10 000 on skin bleaching products and treatments every month, added in a follow-up post that she is used to getting hate and people can keep talking.

“…I AM STILL THE KHANYI YOU LOVE TO HATE! I am still going 2 give u reasons 2 have constipation. I will rock this boat till the seas dry up. AND YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT AND WITNESS IT! Y’all forget that we r in this together! U gave me this fame! Write it down MBAU.”

Khanyi might be over remarks about her skin colour, but Twitter users won’t let her forget that she was once a beautiful, brown-skinned black woman

“Maybe we’ll eventually get used to you, as for now…”