Lockdown. It has become synonymous with banana bread, comfort food, and weekend binge-eating in front of the TV…

And now we’re all worried about weight gain. As we head into Level 3, things will look a little more ‘normal’ as many of us will be able to return to work, but since we can’t socialise with friends, we’ll probably still be home over weekends, with lots of opportunity to over eat!

Plus, as the weather gets cooler, comfort food becomes more and more appealing.

So here are 3 SIMPLE ways to keep your diet in check over this time. If you do it properly, it’ll work.  Cheat, and you won’t get results. Your choice.

1.     Decide how you want to treat yourself every day

This is the most important part of the WHOLE thing.

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I eat two SMALL sweets every evening as my reward for sticking to my diet for the day. You may want something else. But whatever it is, it needs to be satisfying, and worth waiting for. (Obviously, a whole cake or a slab of chocolate is not a viable option here)

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