Last updated on Jun 15th, 2020 at 01:01 pm

The latest episode of Jub Jub’s hit cheating reality show, Uyajola 9/9, left viewers falling off their sofas with laughter 

Crazy does not even begin to describe the drama that went down on Sunday night. 

Jub Jub not only had to protect himself from angry cheaters but dogs as well. 

Both the show and its host were trending on Twitter, with stars such as Somizi Mhlongo and Lasizwe Dambuza joining the conversation

This week’s episode featured a woman named Rayleigh.

She suspected that her ‘blesser’ was cheating on her, and her intuition turned out to be spot on. 

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But Rayleigh got more than she bargained for when she confronted her boyfriend and his alleged mistress.

Apparently, her ‘blesser’ is entertaining many other women. 

At some point during the encounter, someone decided to let the dogs out.

Jub Jub and his crew went running for cover as soon as the four-legged fury ‘friends’ started running out the gate.

“Jub jub is giving us proof that black people and dogs are not friends,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweep added, “He risked his life with dogs and people that were not afraid to hit him for us to get content. We appreciate you Jub Jub.”

Things took an eyebrow raising turn when one of the women at the gathering went on a rant about her “nunu”.

Jub Jub and his crew eventually left and just in the nick of time because things were getting heated!

Lasizwe summed up the drama in one tweet.

“What a hectic episode,” he wrote.

Lasizwe came under fire for making comments about the behaviour of the coloured people in the video

Some Twitter users called his remarks racist.

“It must be nice making broad generalisations of a race based off a show meant to ridicule people. As a black & gay person, you should know better bro. This is harmful & cheap for lousy retweets,” one man wrote.

But some tweep defended Lasizwe.

Here’s a look at what other stars had to say

Khanyi Mbau

Somizi Mhlongo

Lerato Kganyago