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 “Reality Check” is an article series which looks at common mistakes people make when they begin dieting for weight loss. We’ll check out some ‘thought adjustments’ that will help you make better choices on your journey. The articles include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

How much does your DNA influence your weight?

“I can’t get thin. My whole family is overweight. I think we are genetically predisposed to being heavy.”  

Many people blame their genetics (DNA) for their bodyweight issues. They believe that since their family history suggests a predisposition to being overweight, that’s just the way it’s going to be for them, too. And then they give up…

You see, your DNA does have something to do with the tendency of your body to put on weight (or not, in some cases – you know who you are). If your parents are heavy, and their parents are/were heavy, and theirs before them, then you’ve likely got genes that tend towards heaviness.

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BUT… That’s not the whole story

Because your DNA also influences other things… like earwax build-up! If you can keep your ears clean, then why can’t you keep your waistline trim? Both are negative genetic issues, yet we fix one, and claim that the other is irreparable.

If you have a family history of obesity, then you need be extra diligent about your diet. That’s all. It’s not a complex problem to solve. Lots of veggies and fruit, some proteins, a few carbs, a little dairy, and almost no junk food, and you’ll be able to reach your weight loss goals.

Also, take into account your family’s habits. It’s not just your DNA that influences your bodyweight. Your family’s eating habits, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy behaviour also have a major influence on their weight. Identify all of the areas in which you can make improvements in your own life, and you WILL see positive changes in your body.

Your DNA informs what you TEND towards. Your behaviour determines what you become.


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