Last updated on Jan 28th, 2021 at 11:36 am

Rumours are swirling that Andile Mpisane – the son of popular businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize – recently became a father and his family is not happy about it

Andile and his alleged girlfriend of two years, DJ Sithelo Shozi, are said to have welcomed their first child together this month. 

Sources told the Sunday World that the couple hid the pregnancy from his family because Shauwn did not approve of their relationship. 

One mole claimed that Shauwn even went as far as cutting Andile’s monthly allowance after learning that he allegedly found an apartment for DJ Sithelo in Durban’s posh Umhlanga suburb and was showering her with lavish gifts. 

The source added that Mam’Mkhize thinks she is using her son.

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Another mole claimed that the businesswoman chased DJ Sithelo’s elders away when they tried to speak to her about the pregnancy. 

There is no trace of DJ Sithelo or their alleged baby on Andile’s social media platforms. 

The only women who make an appearance regularly on his page are his mother and sister, Sbhale Mpisane. 

It seems that Shauwn is just as surprised as we are about Andile’s baby news

The Kwa Mam’Mkhize star told the Sunday World that the claims are news to her ears, and she can’t believe that her son would hide something this big from her. 

Shauwn added that she does not get involved in her son’s private affairs and does not know who he is dating.

“The only person I will entertain is a wife… I don’t know anything about who gave birth to what and when.” 

Whoever DJ Sithelo is dating, he sure does know how to spoil a lady. She shared a picture of herself on Instagram in February holding a giant bouquet of red roses. There was also a Cartier and Louis Vuitton gift bag in the snap. 

“14 : 02 : 2020 – “every girl has a best friend, a boyfriend, and a true love, but you’re really lucky if they’re the same person,” she captioned the image.

Like Andile, DJ Sithelo does not post pictures of the special person in her life. 

She does, however, share pictures of her son from a previous relationship.