Last week’s episode ended on a cliff hanger and we weren’t sure if Jess R was going home or if Marc would change his mind.

This week it was confirmed that Jess R would be heading home.

Here’s what she had to say about her time in The Bachelor mansion.

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To start off, I just want to thank each and every one of you for the kind comments and messages I have received- yes there have been some negative ones, but haters gonna hate (and get automatically blocked 😉 ) The amount of support has truly been overwhelming, and I am grateful for all of it. . I applied for this show because I am ready to meet my life partner and decided to try something a little different. I am looking for a man that wants to grow with me and be committed to a long term healthy relationship. A partner in crime. A shoulder to lean on. I know I am a strong person, I have been through a lot (we all have!) and I just need to know that I will have someone who can support me when I need it the most. . Marc has proven to me that he was not my man, and that’s ok. I need a man who will not run from conflict, but will instead be open and express and discuss his concerns in a positive way, rather than turn a blind eye and ignore. As I'm sure some can relate to, I struggle to show my vulnerable side, and don't like to admit when I feel weak. But when I am brave enough to let someone see my weaknesses, I need a man who is compassionate and who will be there for me emotionally. . I do believe that you meet people for a reason. And I learnt my lesson through this experience. I am always stronger than I think. Always. . I don’t need a man to make me happy or to complete me. I will not settle for anyone who doesn’t deserve or value me (and you shouldn’t either!). I love my life, family/ friends and career and one day I know my person will come along and everything will make sense; all the heartache and pain over the years will be worth it. Until then I am very happy to be a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man beside her to define her worth. . Stay Safe ❤️ All the best Jess

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What is the best/difficult thing about living in The Bachelor house?

The best thing about living in the house is meeting all these amazing new ladies but at the same time living with all different types of personalities can be challenging.

How has The Bachelor changed your life?

I think I’ve become more confident in who I am as a person and I’m learning how to voice my opinions.

What did your friends and family have to say when they found out you were going to be on The Bachelor?

Some of my family members were shocked but most of them were excited for me and this journey.

Did you watch the first season of The Bachelor? If so, what was your favourite moment and who were you rooting for?

Yes, I did, I enjoyed Lee’s surprise visit to the house to make the ladies breakfast pancakes. I was always rooting for Michelle R.

What is your secret to staying camera-ready throughout the show?

Always make sure you have powder on to keep away the shine! My go to everyday look always includes lash extensions and neat eyebrows.

Describe Marc Buckner in one sentence.

Marc is charming and has a good sense of humour.

So far, who is your biggest competitor?

So far, I think Silke is my biggest competitor. (In an unexpected twist, Silke refused a rose)

What kind of relationship do you think you would have with Marc, if he chooses you?

I think Marc and I would have a fun and adventurous relationship.