The temperature is dropping and as far as my skin is concerned, winter is already here. Many people struggle with dry skin, especially during winter

You don’t have to feel helplessly dry; shop your way to nourished, well-moisturised skin. Here are five products you’ve got to add to your winter beauty shopping list:

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A gentle face wash

The cold weather can be harsh on your skin, making it dry and more prone to common skin concerns.

Choosing a gentle face wash means you are not stripping the skin of the essential oils it produces -especially during winter when it is most needed. If you have dry skin, avoid exfoliating and DIY skin peels during winter. Without any professional knowledge, you could be opening your skin up to sensitivity, irritation and long-term issues.

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Thick and rich body butter

Ashy knees, heels and elbows are a sure sign of the colder weather. Although most of your skin is well covered during the winter season, moisturising isn’t just about the appearance of your skin but also contributes to healthier skin.

Thick and nourishing lotions and body butter can help you deliver essential vitamins and oils directly to your skin, keeping it healthy and protected through the winter.

Taking care of dry hands

While most of your skin is covered during winter, your hands are exposed most of the time. With frequent washing and sanitising added to what may already be the roughest season for your hands, you may need to take special care of them.

Good hand cream is a must-have. Although it may be tempting to choose your favourite creams based on the scent, it is also important to remember that perfumes are drying and may not be the best thing for your skin. Consider naturally scented creams which get their scents from their usually plant-based ingredients.

Protecting our hair from the elements and ourselves

Depending on your hair type, you may not think protective styles apply to you, but the truth is that all hair needs protection from the elements, snags, constant manipulation and damaging products.

Your hair is more vulnerable to dryness during winter; it is also exposed to more fabrics, clothing and blankets that are likely to snag and cause breakage. Protect your hair by either strengthening it with products, creating a physical barrier between your hair, the elements and material by wearing a satin head wrap or bonnet, or minimise the damage by wearing your hair in a protective style.

Lip care

Kissable lips are ‘in’ every season, but they’re harder to maintain in some seasons – especially in extreme weather.

Avoid dry cracking winter lips by keeping them moisturised with a good balm. Wear lip balm under your lipstick and lip-gloss to make sure that your lips not only look good but are also taken care of.

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