A new baby is a fresh start, a new beginning and a whole new reason to be happy. Celebrate the new member of your family by creating a trendy new space for them in your home.

Here are five of our favourite nursery decorating trends inspired by parents and decorators across social media.

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The gender-neutral nursery

Colours don’t mean what they used to: girls wear blue and boys wear pink. Even though colours don’t always define gender, many people are moving away from traditional gender-related colours anyway.

Colours like orange, grey and even black are becoming more popular in decorating children’s spaces, especially nurseries where the children in question can’t really choose their favourite colours yet.

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A great starting point when decorating a gender-neutral nursery is white. Keeping the basics plain white or natural wood means you can reuse the furniture and room easily while keeping the basic staples as they are.

Room to share

Children may have to share a bedroom for many different reasons. It’s great to see that decorators and designers are on board with creating looks and furnishings that cater to shared spaces that are sometimes also gender-neutral.

Creating a special place for your bundles of joy to share can be tricky, but when done right it can become a perfect place where all the children are represented.

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The growing nursery

So much money is spent on preparing for the first few months of your baby’s life; it almost feels like a waste that they outgrow it all so quickly.

Nurseries designed to grow with your child as they become older are a great investment and allow you to get your money’s worth.

Designed for learning

Why wait to teach your child? Incorporating simple learning material into your nursery décor is a great idea. Not only is the learning material generally gender-neutral but it makes it easy to simply familiarise your child with simple colours, shapes and numbers without pressure.

Vintage chic

Heirlooms passed down from generations in our families carry memories and make the small things special. When the original heirlooms aren’t available, why not turn to vintage chic?

This style is timeless classy and is the perfect way to nod to your own childhood or stories you liked as a child.