Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 07:57 pm

Cassper Nyovest has made it clear that he will not end his feud with AKA regardless of what anyone says.

He made the comments after Riky Rick said that he wanted the pair to end their beef.

The rapper received major backlash this week for comments he made about AKA’s Twitter war with Sizwe Dhlomo and Casper.

The rappers hurled insults at each other online during a heated debate about AKA’s Reebok deal. AKA claimed that the company did not pay him a single cent for the sales of his sneaker line.

Here’s a look at what Riky Rick had to say about the situation.

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Some Twitter users accused Riky of taking AKA’s side in the matter.

The Boss Zonke hitmaker tried to set the record straight in a series of tweets.

“The Aka/cass beef is exhausting for the game. It might [be] exciting for twitter but behind the scenes it’s something most rappers keep quiet on because its draining the life out of the culture,” he wrote.

Riky Rick said that there’s nothing he would like to see more in his lifetime than AKA and Cassper quashing their beef, which he believed would result in “big things for the culture”.

He added that he misses his friendship with Cassper.

But it seems that Cassper has no intention of getting friendly with AKA or Riky Rick in the near future – or ever!

“This bigger person chat ended when that junkie swore at my Mom and Dad. Couldn’t respond then cos I was in the middle of signing a big deal as always. Y’all can talk all you want, it wasn’t your parents who were disrespected on the timeline!!! It was mine!!! I want all the smoke!!!” he tweeted.

He also took a subtle dig at Riky Rick and anyone defending AKA’s behaviour.

“Yall niggas can talk when things are bad for AKA and it’s time to defend him. Where were ya’ll when AKA was swearing my parents on the TL? You were all on mute!!! Ya’ll can all fo*of actually!!! All of you!!!!”