Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 09:40 pm

Just when we thought we had seen all there was to see in the AKA VS Sizwe Dhlomo Twitter beef – some late-night tweets added fuel to the flames

The grown men are still fighting on Twitter over, well, we aren’t entirely sure what this feud is about honestly. The clash of the egos maybe?

The drama started when AKA went on a Twitter rant about Reebok allegedly not paying him a “single cent” from the sales of his SneAKA collection. The company is adamant that it fulfilled its contractual obligations as per their deal. 

“It was always a dream of mine to have my own sneaker. I guess that’s why I took a sh***y deal in exchange of doing something for the culture,” AKA tweeted last week. 

Enter Sizwe Dhlomo. 

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Sizwe, who added his two cents on the matter, jumped to the Congratulate hitmaker’s defence but insulted him in the same breath.

“He’s not a fraud, he’s one of the most talented musicians SA has ever seen but he’s an awful business person & his story regarding his career earnings & what’s due to him is tragic,” he replied to a Twitter user who accused AKA of being a fraud. 


All hell broke loose, with both Sizwe and AKA becoming trending topics after hurling back-and-forth insults at each other

The weekend drama ended with Sizwe threatening to “f*** up” AKA – who had pulled out the shadiest gems from his bag of shade. 

Things escalated a few days later – yes, this drama has been going for days – when AKA’s arch nemesis Cassper was dragged into the mix. 

Cassper’s haters called him “weak” for not signing a contract that would have seen him earning big bucks to fight AKA in a boxing match, when here was Sizwe threatening to fight Supa Mega for free.

The Tito Mboweni rapper did not take the bait. 

“Sizwe hurt you and your favourite and now you wanna take it out on me? Lmao…,“ he tweeted.

Cassper added in another tweet: “And don’t ever take my calm responses for being soft or weak. I just think before I act but one day I will get my chance to instil discipline on that laaitie the right way.  MARK MY WORDS!!!”

What a wow!

Just when we thought the drama had died down, AKA decided to do some late-night tweeting on Tuesday in response to all the shade that Sizwe threw his way – including this gem:

Here’s what went down during AKA midnight Twitter session…

A 1am tweet telling Sizwe he is finished or asking him if he is finished – depending on which way you look at it…

Calling Sizwe a dinosaur at 1:47am…

“I’m the highest level in the game. You a dinosaur. @SizweDhlomo … from henceforth… I will address you as old McDonald had a farm. Hee hi bootleg jean hi ho.”

Shading both Cassper and Sizwe between 2am and 3am…

“Abuthi Bootleg and Abuthi Fill Up sitting in a [tree]… K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

This twar has reached its climax but we think there is more to come from this saga.

Supa Mega had the last word – for now – by declaring himself the GOAT – greatest of all time.

We are going to need a bigger box of popcorn!