Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 05:07 pm

Kelly Khumalo has a very important question to ask government about its R150 million relief fund for musicians

Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa announced in March that a special fund had been created to assists local artists during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Many performers have been unable to work during the period.  

Kelly has also been affected by lockdown. 

Production on her reality show, Life With Kelly, was halted and many other projects, including the release of her new album, had to be put on ice. 

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More than 50 days after the lockdown began, Kelly – like many artists – are yet to see any relief from government.

Using her now famous Russian persona, Kelly took to her Instagram account to ask officials about the relief funds

“Dear Mogovernment and @artsculturesa I don’t seeing you in my bank? 150 million she going where because she don’t reaching me and other artist I knowing,” she captioned the video. 

Kelly added that her video was a just a “gentle reminder” for officials. 

“My sweet, Monica [money] she is finished, and you are promising to assist artists, and I don’t see anything in my bank account. So, I’m just saying, when am I going to see you because I am expecting you. Monica she is finished,” she teased. 

Kelly’s followers, including singer Nhlanhla Nciza found her video hilarious

“Ver is she?” Nhlanhla asked about the money.

Kelly replied: “She don’t showing up or reaching us.”

Ayanda Thabethe also joined the chat: “Monica is not reflecting yet!!”

Kelly and her Russian accent are also making headlines for a less amusing reason

She became a trending topic on Twitter after taking to social media to discuss how tough it is being a woman, while sipping on her new gin, Controversy Gin by Kelly Khumalo.

She addressed the bullying she receives to this day following Senzo Meyiwa’s murder in 2014. The soccer star was shot dead in an alleged botched robbery at her family home.

Kelly says that she knows people will accuse her of being drunk for sharing her thoughts, but she assured her fans that it was not the drink talking.

“It’s not the drink talking, it’s me, I have been wanting to say this. The law in this country is failing women in a very major way… The matter of my daughter’s father needs to be put to an end. It’s been six years. I have become a victim of this matter for very many, many years and I am tired…

“Someone in charge is not doing anything. I have written letters… to the police… I have a country that hates me.”

Many Twitter users thought Kelly did not look well in the videos

“Kelly Khumalo looks so drained or drunk either way things are taking their toll on her it’s sad though,” one tweep wrote.

Despite Kelly pouring her heart out about how unfairly she is treated, some tweeps had zero sympathy for the star.

“We don’t care about her talent Senzo Mayiwa was also talented… Kelly Khumalo must tell us the truth that’s all we care about when it comes to her. #KellyKhumalo.”

Many Twitter users added that they would not be purchasing Kelly’s gin in protest over Senzo’s death.

“In honour to Senzo Meyiwa’s soul. Let’s not buy that alcohol she is promoting, let’s not stream her music. Let’s mute herFace with medical mask until she starts talking. #KellyKhumalo.”

One Twitter user came to Kelly’s defence and slammed those attacking Kelly over Senzo’s death.

“Why is everyone so sure she’s the one? I mean in the event that you guys are wrong, how would you feel about the way you’ve been treating her? South Africans are failing you sis, I’m sorry Red heart #kellykhumalo.”