Locally produced, BIOMEDCAN, an all-natural solution to better personal wellbeing, recently launched their exciting new range of CBD capsules that assist with a wide variety of common health and lifestyle issues. Stand the chance to win one of four BIOMEDCAN hampers valued at R 2,200. Each hamper includes a box of BIOMEDCAN’s SLEEP, MIND, MOOD and PLEASURE capsules.


Designed and developed for a faster and deeper natural sleep, BIOMEDCAN’s SLEEP capsules (RRP R549) combines CBD with the active ingredients of valerian, hops, Ashwaganda, Sceletium and Magnesium. The effect is to gently slow the mind and promote a restful sleep, with no drowsiness the following morning.


A neuro –protectant, BIOMEDCAN’s MIND capsules (RSP R549.00); with anti-aging properties may assist in improving both working memory and concentration whilst increasing brain clarity, motivation, focus and energy levels. With their anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect, the capsules aid in creating a feeling of upliftment, relaxation and may assist in reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. The capsules contain actives known for assisting with symptoms of Alzheimers, Dementia, Neurodegeneration, ADHD, depression etc.


The synergistic combination of herbs in BIOMEDCAN’s MOOD capsules (RSP R549.00) may assist in improving one’s mood and enhancing relaxation, decreasing anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings and PMS, without having a sedative effect. The capsules help regulate heart rhythm, lower high blood pressure and aids in decreasing over stimulatory effects (racing heart, anxiety and the shakes etc.) from energy-enhancing compounds such as caffeine.


Designed for both his and her pleasure, BIOMEDCAN’s PLEASURE capsules (RRP R549.00) are the perfect solution to enhancing your sexual performance in the bedroom.

From increasing libido and blood flow to improving sexual arousal and stimulation, the PLEASURE capsules also promote sperm motility count and sperm quality. In addition, they assist with longer lasting erections and more intense and easier-to-reach orgasms.

An energy, endurance and stamina booster, they may also assist in improving one’s mood and physical wellbeing which in turn, enhances one’s sexual experience. The capsules also assist with adrenal insufficiency, erectile dysfunction, vaginal atrophy, osteoporosis, and psychological disorders. It also aids in the lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol levels and helps to reduce blood pressure, stress levels and oxidative stress.

Unique to this product range, BIOMEDCAN uses the so-called “Entourage Effect.” CBD is a multi-talent and has many health benefits which can be maximised with the combination of active ingredients (herbs, minerals and vitamins) to the required ailment with amazing results. BIOMEDCAN’s products contain no THC and therefore don’t have an hallucinogenic effect and are not addictive.


The products have an accumulative effect over an extended period of using them. It is therefore, recommended to take the capsules regularly on a daily basis. All BIOMEDCAN products provide you with a one month supply in one container referring to the recommended daily dosage. BIOMEDCAN is available for purchase online at www.biomedcan.co.za, www.takealot.com, www.faithfultonature.co.za, www.cbdstore.co.za and selected Wellness Warehouse stores, pharmacies and other retailers.

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