The key to the garage door. That other matching sock. The scissors you had ‘just yesterday’…

We waste a lot of our time daily just trying to restore order in chaos. With this tip, you’ll simplify your life and make it easier:

Simply set up a ‘lost and found’ bin in your home

Odd sock in the wash? Drop it in the bin. Part of a set of toys? In the bin they go. Done with that tool, but not in the mood to walk to the garage to put it away? Bin it.

If you happen to find the other part of the item as you clean, you’ll know exactly where to lay your hands on its partner.

Of course, you don’t want your ‘lost and found’ bin to sit and accumulate, either – it’s meant to be a helpful tool, not an excuse. So set aside some time each week to sort through it. Chances are you’ll find all of those missing bits have pitched up in the basket through the week and you’ll never have to think “Where did I put that?” again!

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