In every house, there’s often the one cabinet that won’t stay shut. If you’re looking for a quick, attractive fix for the issue, we have the perfect tip for you…

All you will need is a screwdriver and a magnetic door latch.

These discreet, small ‘latches’ come in two parts, and look like a tiny version of the sensors your alarm company fit to doors and windows.

They contain two magnets that naturally latch to each other, one in the smaller ‘door’ block, and one you will mount just inside the cupboard.

For the best effect, you will want to install your magnetic door latch near the top of the door.

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Simply make sure that the part attached to the door will line up with the part inside the cabinet, and screw them in.

Now, every time you push the door closed, the magnets will attract and hold that annoying door shut – no hassle, no fuss.