Last updated on Jan 26th, 2021 at 01:18 pm

Minnie Dlamini is dishing out some hard truths about how the coronavirus lockdown was affecting the entertainment industry.

Many celebrities have been unable to work during the lockdown as concerts, appearances and TV productions have been put on hold until further notice.  

While stars like Simphiwe Dana have been living on their royalties during the difficult period, scores of freelancers – particularly in the TV industry – have talked about their financial struggles. 

Their cries for help came as a shock to many of their fans who assumed that they were living the good life based on their flashy lifestyles – as seen on Instagram. 

Minnie says that the lockdown has exposed the industry

“This lockdown is truly exposing the entertainment industry for what it is. Underpaid, undervalued and over hyped PR stunts!!! Things aren’t what they seem… We need to do better as a whole. Clout doesn’t pay the bills,” she tweeted.

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Minnie’s fans agreed, saying that it was clear that many stars were living beyond their means.

“There is nothing special about entertainment industry. This industry is like every industry they depend on customers to buy whatever they are selling. Biggest mistakes most celebrities do is to live the life they can’t afford,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweep added: “Pre-lockdown y’all been flashing ur Guccis and LVs, telling us how rich y’all are… now it’s Lockdown nistshela how broke and underpaid u are.”

One Twitter user said that, instead of saving, many stars “blew their money” as if there was no tomorrow, while another said that celebs needed to become more financially savvy.

One of Minnie’s followers said that celebrities should stop lying to their fans.

“Then you celebrities lie to us that you got this and that. This reminds me of the late legend Pro kid when he said ‘celebrity life is hard you rent a car, a house and pretend you got it all’.”