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Blogger and owner of SA website Thought For The Weekend, Judy Mills, shares why lockdown has been really good for her…

Well, into lockdown we still are! I have to say that, for me, the isolation has done me the world of good.

How have you found the timeout from the norm, the change in your daily routine? Irritated, frustrated, bored, happy, cabin feverish, short tempered, thankful, tedious? My my, all sorts of adjectives come to mind.

Self-reflection: serious thought about one’s character and actions, the reason, the activity of thinking about your own feelings and behaviour, and the reasons that may lie behind them a personal assessment.

I have heard many are frustrated as they cannot go about their normal day

Perhaps they love the set times that things happen in their day and get slightly jittery when the day/week /month doesn’t go as planned. Others welcome the lull that working from home brings. They love to be surrounded by the things they love, being in their own space yet still putting in a full day’s work.

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Parents are finding that raising a family when housebound, brings turmoil and disturbance, with toddlers running about, fingers in everything, young ones being bored getting up to mischief and teenagers sulking.

Teachers, trainers, musicians and the like who normally feed off the attention of a live audience, are resorting to online videos and teaching. People who have daily jobs with a daily wage are staying home, unable to provide food for their families. A minimised work force means that a person may work two weeks and stay at home for two.

Yes life has certainly changed and with it the challenge to move with the change

Everyone has been thrown into the current and it’s sink or swim it seems. There is a saying that goes: “Let go of the oars, the current will carry you”. Easier said than done! A little too much time on your hands? I bet you have!

There is certainly something good that has come from your world turned upside down – if you take the time to reflect

Have you found a new hobby, picked up on an old pastime? Have you shared your talent online with others? Have you stayed home and just watched TV?

The more you recognise your strengths and weaknesses, the more you learn about yourself. Self-reflection brings you to a place of acceptance and/or the will to change

What books have you read of late? Have you improved your culinary skills? What about realising that you actually like being alone? Are your cupboards spick and span, with labels and categories? What have you learned about yourself in spite of the restrictions imposed on you during lockdown? Have some unresolved feelings popped out?

Are you a person who needs people or do you actually like having your own time? Have you felt a little depressed perhaps? Do you revel in the joys of family time? Do you miss your loved ones, been more in touch with them lately? Are you finding more appreciation of time invested in relationships, friendships etc?

This lockdown can be the breakthrough you need to move towards understanding yourself better

The more you recognise your strengths and weaknesses, the more you learn about yourself. Self-reflection brings you to a place of acceptance and/or the will to change.

Please take the time to answer some of the questions I have listed above. Maybe you can elaborate on some. Answer by writing them down and then read it back to yourself the next day. You will be amazed – guaranteed!

This is the perfect time to get to know yourself and to start liking the you you have created.

As always I welcome your comments. For more thought-provoking, challenging articles please pop into my website at

Love and light

Coronavirus thoughts: permission to feel