After a dramatic episode of The Bachelor South Africa last week, Marc Buckner is getting closer and closer to potentially finding his dream girl as the show’s second season readies its finale

However, our first bachelor Lee Thompson did, unfortunately, not find love on the show. After whisking Gina Myers into the sunset, the couple did not find a way to make their relationship work when the cameras were turned off – and Lee has not had any success in that department since the show wrapped.

“I was extremely optimistic about the situation,” Lee said in a recent interview.

“My experience on the show was emotionally challenging and also came with a lot of good times and first-time experiences which I’ll never forget!”


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He adds, “I haven’t dated anyone since the show. My love-life has been a bit slow after the show. I just haven’t found the one yet.

“It’s not that I’m closed off to finding someone, it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet. I really do want to settle down with the right person.”

The star is, however, open to finding love – and is ready to open up his heart on television yet again as he begins talks to appear in the American spin-off The Bachelor: Summer Games

The Bachelor franchise flew me to Los Angeles to meet with the producers about an upcoming Bachelor spin, which will run alongside the Summer Olympics in 2021. Basically, the summer version of The Bachelor Winter Games,” Lee tells us.

Looks like we may see Lee on our screens sooner than we thought!