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Don’t leave your foot repair to a few days before sandal season. Keep your feet healthy and well maintained so there is no need for damage to control

Healthy, cared-for feet should not be a seasonal trend. Follow our basic foot care tips to keep your feet looking good all year round.

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Keep toenails trimmed

Although some trendy pedicurists might be going for longer toenails, long toenails are actually a health and safety hazard, especially when you wear closed shoes or exercise.

Keep your toenails clean and trimmed to avoid infections, lifting nails and other painful nail trauma. Clip and file your toenails at least every two weeks or more, depending on how fast your nails grow, to keep the tips of your toenails as straight as possible.

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Scrub the thick skin off

Thick, dry or cracking skin can develop on your feet over time, especially on your heels. Pumicing your feet regularly can prevent the thick skin from developing in the first place.

Soaking your feet in a foot soak or a mix of warm water and Listerine or white vinegar can keep your feet soft and also help with fungal and bacterial problems which would likely get worse as you keep your feet warm through the winter.

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Don’t neglect washing your feet

Colder temperatures can make bath time something you want to get done as quickly as possible, but don’t forget to wash your feet.

The closed and warm spaces you create in your thick socks and boots are exactly what you want in cold weather, but these warm environments are also a great breeding ground for foot infections like athletes foot.

Keep your feet moisturised

Out of sight out of mind – while you don’t see your feet in winter as often as you would in summer, they still need to be taken care of.

Moisturising your feet through winter means less damage control when springtime comes. Dry feet are more likely to crack and harden, so keeping the skin on your feet soft and healthy through winter is essential to your foot maintenance plan.

Keep your socks on

Whether you’re getting an actual hydrating foot mask, or treating your feet to a DIY deep moisturising session, keeping your socks on helps keep the moisture on your feet.

Bedtime is the best time for foot treatments because then you are off your feet and you can also wear your thickest fuzziest socks without shame.

Make sure to properly dry your feet after washing them to avoid creating a damp environment before moisturising.