Having mould in your home can be disturbing. Find out what the cause is so you can get rid of it for good

A mouldy home is never a good thing and getting rid of existing mould is only half the battle won. Wage war against mould and win by finding out why it’s growing in your home in the first place.

Mouldy spots are a sign of a bigger problem

Mould is not just one of those things that magically appear on your walls, ceiling or cupboards. Having mould means there is moisture in your home that should not be there.

This could mean you have a ventilation problem where steam in places like your kitchen and bathroom cannot escape and condenses on surfaces. Mould could also mean there is a hidden leak somewhere in your house and the mould is a sign that water is trapped where it shouldn’t be.

Mould can be dangerous

Although mould could be a sign that something is wrong with the structure of your home, it does pose other dangers too.

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Mould itself can be toxic to the people living in your home as inhaling fragments of it can cause infections and respiratory illness. Some types of mould are also toxic to the touch and can irritate the skin and bring about allergic reactions.

You can get rid of mould yourself

You can effectively get rid of mould yourself at home. Once the cause of the mould is addressed, it is important to also get rid of the mould itself.

You can do this by using specialised products available at grocery and building stores and in mild cases, you can mix your own mould-removing solution by mixing water and bleach.

Always wear gloves and shield your mouth and nose when coming into contact with mould to avoid irritation in the respiratory system and on the skin.