While clear and healthy skin is the goal, some habits we might even think are helpful could be getting in your way

Break these four skin-damaging habits and get closer to the glowing healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

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Squeezing pimples

Pimples, blackheads and other lumps and bumps that appear uninvited on your skin are annoying. While you might want to eradicate them as soon as they appear, squeezing and pinching your skin is not the way.

Pimples and blackheads appear when a pore or hair follicle is blocked by oil or dead skin cells. While squeezing and popping the pimple can get rid of the bump on the surface of your skin, it may also push whatever caused the pimple in the first place further into the pore or break the skin. This creates two opportunities for infection and possibly permanent scarring.

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Instead of squeezing pimples, dry them out with skincare products and wait for them to disappear or pop on their own. Afterwards, take special care of the area to avoid infection and scarring.

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Putting lemon juice directly on your face

Lemon juice is an active ingredient in many skincare products. The high vitamin C content of lemons make them great for your skin, but they are also acidic and putting them directly on the skin can be damaging.

When using lemon juice in your DIY skincare products it’s difficult to manage the acidity of the juice. Avoid disturbing the pH balance of your skin with lemon juice which can irritate and dry out the skin.

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Mattifying your skin by drying it out

You either like it dewy or you like it matte. Although matte skin can help you achieve a neat, put-together look, depending on how you achieve your look, you could be mistaking matte skin for dry skin.

Mattifying products are usually also drying and are generally bad for dry skin. Choose moisturisers, makeup and powder that are designed for your skin type to avoid drying and damaging your skin.

Not knowing the difference between day and night cream

Times are tough and we sometimes have to choose between a day or a night cream for our skincare routines. Understanding what each cream does can help you decide which is most important for your skin.

Day cream is usually more protective and contains sun protection and other ingredients meant to protect your skin from the elements.

Night cream is usually heavier and designed to repair and replenish moisture to the skin. In a pinch, it is usually better to choose a day cream over a night cream.