There are a host of smart shoe solutions out there, from ‘over the door’ pockets to smart ways to pack them flat…

Yet high heels can remain a problem for any cupboard – they’re difficult to stack, often won’t take rough handling, and yet can occupy exponentially more space than the actual shoe requires  – simply from ‘dead air’ under the heel.

Hanging your heels is a smart solution

Simply install a side-to-side bar in your closet, and hook your heels over the bar for storage.

Your shoes won’t get crushed, poked or damaged, and you’ll save a ton of space too.

It also has the added advantage of allowing air to circulate over your shoes, keeping them fresh and preventing mildew or damp.

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If you have a large collection, it’s a 5-minute DIY job to install other rods to hold them up – you may not even need a drill!

This simple tweak to your wardrobe makes an ideal ‘lockdown’ task, and you’ll reap immediate rewards too!