By #girlinbluejeanz

If you have just 24 hours in the capital of Addis Ababa (which means ‘new flower’), here’s how to get stuck in and immerse yourself…

This youthful and pulsing heart of the nation is experiencing a resurgence as one of the worlds fastest-growing economies.

A country of ancient and diverse culture, soulful people, breathtaking natural beauty and delicious cuisine

This rugged, landlocked country is found in the Horn of Africa and is split by the Great Rift Valley. The comfortable climate of Addis, as it is fondly referred to, makes it an ideal location in East Africa to explore the bustling streets and mingle with the locals.

Swoop up the history

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Visiting the National Museum of Ethiopia is the ideal way to get an overview of a country that prides itself on its history. One of the only two African countries that was not colonised, along with the general acceptance that the first humans came from the Rift Valley running through Ethiopia and one of the worlds oldest Christian traditions, it’s easy to see why the nation is proud of its heritage.

Entering the museum I met a lady dressed in traditional clothes, full of smiles and very eager to assist. The most important item in the museum is Lucy, the oldest and most complete hominid skeleton ever discovered (in 1974). Adri is also there: he was heavier and preferred tree climbing more than Lucy. The art combined with traditional crafts makes for the perfect overview of the country.