This Amsterdam restaurant is pioneering an innovative solution for social distancing… greenhouses!

Diners enjoy their meals in small greenhouses at an Amsterdam restaurant, as the establishment tested out a new solution to allow customers to eat out while observing social distancing regulations.

Waiters clad in personal protective equipment (PPE) serve the diners, and ensure all safety precautions are taken.

The project, entitled Serres Séparées, French for “separate greenhouses,” has been spearheaded by Amsterdam’s Mediamatic arts centre. The ‘soft opening’ was held on 27 April where diners were invited to eat plant-based meals in one of five greenhouses set up on the Oosterdok marina.

The concept is currently only being trailed with family and friends of staff from the ETEN restaurant, but if all measures are seen to be successful, it is something that could be rolled out to other eateries.

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