Siya Kolisi left social media users scratching their heads in confusion after sharing a sweet post about his wife Rachel

The Springbok captain took to Instagram on Sunday to honour his wife with a flirty post on Mother’s Day.

“Smatsatsa sam! Ondi phula igearbox! Every time I think about you my heart goes June-July, I don’t know why. Every time I kiss you I think ‘hmmm, that was nice’. We love you, we appreciate you, happy Mother’s Day,” he wrote.

While many of his followers found the post hilarious – with one person declaring it the “best caption” ever – some were confused by the meaning of his words.

“Wtf is this caption?????” one woman asked.

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Siya found himself trending on Twitter with many people dissecting every line of his caption

“June-July” also made the trends list and there were many explanations as to why Siya made the reference.

“Oh my God June-July is trending because Siya Kolisi said his wife makes his heart go cold as ice?” one tweep asked.

Another Twitter user added: “I just discovered that this ‘June-July’ from Siya Kolisi needs some Shakespeare like knowledge for understanding…”

Dozens of people were also confused by the gear box reference.

“What did Siya Kolisi say about the Gearbox, guys?” one woman asked.

Some thought the rugby star was making a sexual reference.

“Rachel not just shifting gears on the [redacted], she be flooring that thing!!”

Siya’s comment about how he feels after kissing his wife also had Twitter users talking

Many believed the comment was about how passionately Rachel kisses her man.

“hmmm, that was nice” sends me to the grave… I bet it must be an extreme sports utshata la race,” one man wrote.

Despite the confusion, many tweeps thought that Siya’s caption was adorable.

“Can’t believe you guys have an issue with Siya Kolisi’s caption. That is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen, so cute cheesy.”

Social media users might not understand Siya’s caption, but we are certain that his wife Rachel sure does!