We’re not messing around today – gather round for a step by step guide to the DYI facial of your life…

We know rituals are good for body, mind and spirit, and when times get tough we tend to default into one of two categories:

You’re either clinging to good, healthy rituals and routines to keep you mentally focused and physically healthy.

Or you’ve let go of your regular routines and you’ve picked up some unhealthy habits as coping mechanisms.  

Either way, we’re not here to judge. But when was the last time you indulged in a ritual that only focuses on your enjoyment

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Get ready to gather some supplies, things are about to get therapeutic.  

1. Preparation is key 

This is only going to work if you’re willing to put in the time – you need about an hour. For ideal circumstances, prepare your version of the below supplies. If it seems excessive, remember we’re aiming for the ultimate at-home facial – indulgence is key.  

  • A comfortable, quiet space to relax – a couch, bed, or your bath 
  • Candles – light these before you do anything else 
  • A bowl of piping hot water and a face cloth or two 
  • A towel, and a headband if you don’t want to get your hair wet 
  • A podcast or music you want to listen to 
  • A glass of water and any other drink of your choice 
  • Face masks – two or three is ideal 
  • Lip balm 
  • Facial exfoliator 
  • Facial cleanser 
  • Serum & moisturiser 
  • Your favourite pajamas 
  • Optional – wax, tweezers & tint – see point 3 

2. Cleansing and exfoliation (at the basin) 

Tie up your hair, strip off your top and get a good dollop of your favourite cleanser. Methodically start cleansing your skin using your fingertips, your thumbs, and the palms of your hands. You can include your face, neck, chest, breasts, shoulders and upper arms.  

Once you’ve done a thorough cleanse, remove the product with hot water and a face cloth and repeat the process. This time focus on massaging the muscles of your face, neck, chest and shoulders, spreading the cleanser as you move your hands.  

Your skin should show a change in colour with the increased circulation, and you should have cleansed for a total of about five minutesRemove with clean hot water and a face cloth. 

Gently exfoliate your face, neck and chest – instructions would vary according to the product you have but keep it gentle. When you’re done, remove with clean hot water and a face cloth.  

You may now extract blackheads, and only blackheads, under the following circumstances: Run the pads of your fingers over your skin.

If you feel a coarse spot, look at it. If it’s a blackhead, gently squeeze it with your fingertips, which should be covered in clean tissue.

If it budges, wipe it with an AHA pad or a cotton pad with toner and move on. If it doesn’t budge, do the same and move on. Do not pick at anything else on your skin.  

You’re now done with the majority of the wet work, you can either to the optional dirty work in step 3 or apply your first face mask (a clay or charcoal based mask is a great first option if you have one, otherwise pick any mask) and move on to your chill zone with the rest of your tools.  

3. Plucking, waxing, and tinting (optional – in an area with good lighting) 

This is the practical step for the dirty work to be done. It puts a bit of a damper on the proceedings, but it’s super satisfying when you wake up the morning after and you no longer resemble a Komodo dragon carrying two caterpillars on its forehead 

I won’t be giving instructions because I’m not taking responsibility for your ripped off skin or mismatched brows. But if you already wax, pluck, or tint things, this is a good time to do it. It makes you feel even MORE like a million bucks afterwards, if at all possibleWhen you’re done, slap on your first mask and get comfortable.  

4. Spa time (in your bath or prepped chill area) 

It’s now time to treat your skin and your senses. While your first mask is on, take your time to settle in and get extremely comfortable. Switch lights on or off, get the volume of your music right, top up your drink, make sure you have hot water to remove your masks.  

Then get comfortable and do only what you want to for the following 40 or so minutes. Remove a mask every now and then and reapply a different one. If you have a variety of skincare products to choose from, select your mask according to skin concern.  

like to start with a cleansing mask (clay, charcoal or AHA/BHA based) and end with a hydrating/nourishing mask. Depending on my current skin concern, I’ll sandwich something inbetween when I do a big 3-mask ritual. It’s usually soothing, rejuvenating/revitalising or an additional moisturising variant.  

Remember to apply lip balm or a hydrating mask to your lips while the masks are onTreat your heels and cuticles/hands at the same time, or just lie back and relax. It’s your party.  

When you’re ready, end off with a hydrating serum, a nourishing moisturiser and pajamas.