Keeping pests out of your garden can become a full-time job, especially if you don’t want to use chemicals…

However, there’s a lot of chemical-free pest prevention you can do, and if you get into the habit now, it will soon be a smooth and hassle-free process.

  • Most garden pests and fungi will be removed by the use of a ¼ soap, ¾ water solution.
  • Saturate the leaves twice a day in the case of bad infections, and you’ll slowly see the population start to decrease.
  • This is an especially good mix to use if you’re cultivating herbs or vegetables.

There is also a petrochemical product called ‘Oleum’ you can use in the case of very bad infections

It has no penetrative properties, and will not be absorbed into your plants the way standard garden chemicals will, yet it has a little more of a kick to kill particularly bad infections.

As long as you wipe down any harvestable fruit, it’s a far safer garden alternative.

Remember that you will need to keep up your pest treatments through winter, as well as in the summer months – and don’t forget to enjoy some garden time this winter, too!

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