Drinking water can help you to keep your weight down as it is not loaded with calories like most other beverages.

Opt to make good old water your drink of choice. It is widely available and cheaper than some of the fancy, high calorie beverages sold at most supermarkets. You could even take a glass water bottle around with you and refill it whenever you need it to.

Remember that sometimes it may be easy to confuse thirst with hunger.  Many people thus end up taking in extra calories when a glass of water is all that may have been needed. Hydrate throughout the day by taking in a few sips of water every now and again. You will feel refreshed and energetic without taking in any calories.

Cut down on drinking beverages that are high in calories such as cooldrinks and juices. If you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee (or two or three), consider reducing the amount of sugar and full fat milk or cream that you add to it.

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