Nail polish is ok, but after a while a plain and simple coat of colour can be boring. Kick your DIY manicure to the next gear with these awesome nail art tutorials for every style.

Match your nails to your style with a DIY manicure you’ll actually love. Do more than just paint your nails and give them a dose of personality with these great DIY nail art manicures.

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Minimalist doesn’t have to be plain

The minimalist trend is about giving up all the frills, but it definitely isn’t about being plain and boring.

Use a monochrome colour palette and simple lines to make creative nail art designs that are simple, sophisticated and best of all easy to perfect on your own.

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Be dazzling

Glitter and all things sparkly have made a strong comeback. While your manicurist could make it work with the lamps and the powders, all you can get at home are sparse flecks of glitter on clear nail polish.

Here’s how to get the full glitter effect at home, without all the gadgets and extras.

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Eyeshadow metallic

Metallic nail polish makes a statement whether you jazz it up or just keep it simple, but good metallic nail polish can be hard to come by.

Using black nail polish as a base and eyeshadow as a colour powder is a great way to get metallic colours you love onto your nails. Seal the colour in with a clear overcoat and dry your nails without a nail lamp.

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Cute and girly

Cute nail stickers are great, but choosing your own design and colours is better. Get nails that make you smile and are definitely Instagram, Pinterest and even Twitter worthy.