Since you and your neighbours are spending more time in your respective gardens, here are some ways to improve your garden privacy…

Now that going out means stepping out into your garden, you’re probably spending more time in your garden than ever before – and so are your neighbours.

Sometimes this is great – you get to have a pleasant social distancing chat and get to know your neighbours better.

Then there are those times when you look up only to lock eyes with a neighbour who has been silently watching you in your garden for goodness who knows how long – creepy.

Throw some shade

You may love the autumn sunshine, but if you want to obscure the view into your garden from upstairs neighbours or double story homes, put up those sun umbrellas.

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The bigger the better, but even one or two beach umbrellas can help create a pocket of privacy in your garden.

Run of the rails

Turn your balcony into an exclusive outdoor sanctuary by covering the railing and using plants and umbrellas to shield your space from nosy neighbours.

Moving pot plants close to the railing will help obscure the view in. However, if you have large pieces of fabric or shade netting, you could temporarily use it to cover open railing completely. Try weaving the fabric between the rails and secure it with cable ties to hold it in place.

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Plan your future garden

While you can only get your hands on the essentials now, consider what you could use to improve your garden privacy when lockdown levels are eased.

Planting trees, shrubs and hedges along boundary walls, using reed fencing and trellises creatively and investing in large patio umbrellas or shade sails may all be privacy boosting options worth considering while waiting out this pandemic from the safety of home.