Since working from home is the new normal, here are some tips for giving your home office an inspired makeover…

With many of our homes making their live debut on video conference calls, we now have more motivation to tackle that home office makeover.

To help with a bit of fresh inspiration, Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux South Africa colour expert, shares some of her advice for creating an inspiring workspace:

1. Create order

Palesa’s first step to creating an inspired workplace is to clean and declutter your space.

With a blank canvas to work with you can now move around some elements to create something new and different. Rearranging your space can help you beat the boredom of being stuck at home and could even help you feel excited about your new situation.

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2. Look for the light and go green

Add some greenery and embrace natural light by setting it up close to a window. This has been found to help people feel closer to nature while boosting productivity levels.

Adding the colour green may also help you as it’s said to be the shade that creates balance and growth. Green promotes the stabilisation of emotions and, given the uncertain times that we are currently living in, we could also use that.

“Go outside in your garden and pick a few plants, this will create balance and inner peace once incorporated. Softer shades of blue also help create a very tranquil space which can promote mental relaxation,” says Palesa.

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3. Consider colours

For those who are limited in space, it is best to try to keep your colour selection neutral. Cool neutrals with blue and green undertones offer a fresh look and feel while warm neutrals with yellow and orange undertones will create a homely comforting feel.

Palesa says that blues tend to give the illusion of a more open, airy and peaceful space. It is one of the most versatile shades.

If you are using a dual space like a common area nook or guest room, neutrals are still the best shades that one can opt for.

“We are all different and react differently to colour so try to make dual spaces neutral with soft pastels that add dimension but that don’t overwhelm the space in any way. Rather focus on decorative elements when it comes to bright bold shades, these can easily be switched out once you get tired of certain shades with better ease.”  

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

4. Be inspired

Your workspace should be inspiring, so considering creating office wall artworks or DIY mood boards that help you think creatively.

You could also use paint techniques to spice up an existing home office. Palesa suggests painting organic shapes that feel free and fluid. This technique is also more forgiving and doesn’t require having an artistic edge to achieve. It is also a fun way to add some life to a rather dull space.

For extra flair, stencils are a great way to get people started, if this is something that works for you, go as far as creating your own as a challenge – but also to help you explore what appeals to you.

5. Comfort is key

If your dining room chair is giving you a backache, it’s time to consider investing in an ergonomic office chair to help you work in comfort.

Easy on the eyes and budget

In today’s tough economic times, you can still create a space that you love by starting small. The best way would be to rearrange your furniture. Although this could be limited, the change that this simple step could bring can be really rewarding.

“Look into what you currently have, this step helps declutter and repurpose some elements that have been gathering dust. Put these elements aside and let your creative juices flow – there’s nothing a fresh layer of paint can’t fix!” says Palesa.

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