We could argue that your coffee grounds are already put to good use – getting you awake in the morning before work and the kids!

Yet when your perfect pot of java has worked it’s magic, you can still put the leftover coffee grounds to a few excellent home uses.

Coffee grounds are excellent smell absorbers

From stinky fridges to airing out your gym bag (or shoes), pop the dried-out grounds in a small bowl and let them soak up the odour.

What you may not know, however, is that insects hate the acidity of pre-soaked coffee grounds. This means you can use it around the garden safely, as it will also feed and enrich the soil as a fertilizer and won’t hurt your plants.

Some even say that a mix of coffee grounds and citrus peels will keep unwanted cats out of your garden, too!

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Used coffee grounds can also be used as a scrubbing medium on surfaces that won’t absorb colour from them. So you can use them to gently buff your taps and other non-permeable substances, though it’s better not to use them on wood or other porous surfaces.

Last, but certainly not least in this green era, you can compost coffee grounds, so there’s no need to ever toss them in the trash can as waste again!