Another day, another celebrity being dragged over an “offensive” TikTok video

This time Twitter users are burning Mohale Motaung at the stake for making fun of the poor. 

The model thought it would be funny to make a joke about the R350 grant that government intends giving the unemployed during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

In the clip, Mohale lip-syncs to a man asking a car salesman about the price of a Polo Vivo. 

“Me after getting the R350 the government promised us,” he captioned the video. 

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While some people found the video hilarious, many were not impressed.

“You donated food not so long ago to poor people today you’re making fun of them it’s nice to be you Mohale,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “So sad, that video was so unnecessary and shows he is new money.”

Mohale deleted the clip but the damage had already been done

Several Twitter users said that they were tired of celebrities mocking the poor in unfunny TikTok videos. 

“Your guys anti-poor antics and ‘jokes’ are classist. Sembi Meneer,” one man wrote. 

But Mohale’s fans clapped back at his haters, saying that they were making a mountain out of a molehill.

“Lol it’s not that deep really anybody could have made that video but cos it’s Mohale it’s a problem. C’mon guys,” one Tweep said.

Mohale is not the only celebrity to come under fire for sharing an “offensive” TikTok video during the lockdown

Lalla Hirayama was forced to apologise last month after imitating a coloured woman in one of her videos.

The clip went viral after scores of people labelled it “racist”.

The TV presenter said that her TikTok video was meant to be satirical in nature.

“My efforts were intended only to be entertaining. To share some uniquely South African ‘thing’ we celebrate as part of what makes us so good at overcoming adversity when the chips are low. I am sorry to know that it angered people,” she said.