Thinking of cutting your own hair? Don’t take this decision lightly; the results may have a lasting effect on your hair for a long time after the pride or regret of your first DIY haircut

Cutting your own hair can be a big deal. Whether you’re hoping for a style-maintaining trim or a new look, a DIY hair cut could be the answer. It could also be another reason you’re happy to stay at home…

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Bang-bang bangs

One of the most infamously disastrous DIY haircuts is DIY bangs. They can be too short, too straight, span too wide or just sit awkwardly on your forehead.

Although there is no foolproof way to cut your own fringe, cutting your hair while it is completely dry is a step in the right direction. When your hair is wet, the volume and even the length and texture is different and will not give you a clear impression of how your bangs actually look.

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Holding the scissors vertically instead of cutting clean across also gives you a better chance at achieving natural-looking layers instead of a clean, straight Wednesday Adams fringe. Start by cutting a little bit off at a time until you reach your desired length because once you’ve cut too much off, there is no going back.

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Trim and refresh

If you’ve already got the hair cut you want, then you’ve won half the battle. Trimming and refreshing an existing style is so much easier than starting from scratch.

Fade haircuts famously worn by stars like Nandi Madida and Zozibini Tunzi can be maintained at home without too much trouble. Simply refresh your fade by working from the largest to the smallest comb on your clippers at the lowest point of your fade until you have the desired length. Do the same until you reach the top of your head, it might even be nice to let your high top grow a little higher.

The biggest hurdle here is making sure to stay in the mould your barber created at your last haircut all around your head.

Be bold, go bald

The easiest hair cut you could ever give yourself is also the most extreme. A clean-shaven head does have its drawbacks especially as the weather cools, and though it is the easiest look to achieve and maintain, it’s not as simple as running the clippers through your hair.

Most clippers will not give you a clean, forehead smooth cut. Instead of a chiskop, you will probably only end up with a brush cut which is great because it means there are lower chances of hurting yourself or developing razor burn on your head.

Be aware of streaks and patches that can appear because of the different textures of hair on your head.

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Straight cut

A clean, straight and simple hair cut across the length of your hair can take your cute bob into the sleek future.

Cutting a clean line across your hair may not take care of all your hairs’ needs, but it can take the place of your regular trim while giving you a low effort, high impact hairstyle.

Layer up

Layering your hair is not easy. If your hair was layered before, it could be easier to try and copy your stylist’s layers, trimming down each layer.

To keep your layers looking natural, hold your scissors vertically and make small snips to gradually create layers.