Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 07:51 pm

Anele Mdoda has called on South Africans to show Nomzamo Mbatha some compassion as she is “alone” in America during the coronavirus pandemic

The radio personality made the plea after Nomzamo became a trending topic on Twitter when a clip from a recent Instagram Live went viral. 

During the live clip, one of the Tell Me Sweet Something star’s followers asked her how she handles heartbreak. 

Nomzamo seemed taken aback by the question and started laughing hysterically.  

“We are strong, we are moving… don’t know her, what do you mean? This is tough. What’s a heartbreak? Is it the name of a street? The name of a mall,” she said. 

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Twitter users claimed that the clip not only proved that Nomzamo was not over her past breakups, but she was having a major “meltdown”.


Nomzamo “muted” her Twitter account after being bombarded with posts questioning her mental state and past relationships.

Some tweeps even went as far as tagging her exes, including Maps Maponyane, in some of their posts. 

Anele Mdoda was not impressed with how the actress was being treated

She told Twitter users to be mindful of the fact that Nomzamo is currently in America without any family and friends to support her when faced with online bullies.

“Say what you want to say about Nomzamo but let’s remember one thing. She is in the states where she moved to pursue a dream then this worldwide pandemic happens and we are all going through the most then she has to experience ugliness from her own home country. ALONE,” she tweeted.


Nomzamo’s team has also dismissed claims that she has had a “meltdown”

The 29-year-old’s manager Phumza Nohashe told TshisaLIVE in a statement that “anyone with half a brain and being an authentic follower of hers should see that Nomzamo is a fun and lighthearted person”.

Phumza said that the “unqualified Twitter psychologists” were bullying the star. 

Nomzamo, who is set to appear in Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America sequel, is booked and busy and is certainly not pining over any of her exes.