Last updated on Jan 28th, 2021 at 11:30 am

Nomzamo Mbatha deactivated her Twitter page on Monday following drama over comments she made about coping with a breakup

The actress had the Twitterverse talking when a clip from a recent Instagram Live she hosted with went viral.

One of her followers asked her for tips on “how to deal with a heartbreak”. The actress, who has had her fair share of breakups, was last in a public relationship with Maps Maponyane.

The lovers called it quits in 2018 and their split appeared to be amicable until Nomzamo threw some shocking shade at her ex. 

“Not now. Not ever. Masego, Stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be grateful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I’ll open it. @MapsMaponyane you made your bed. lie in it,” Nomzao tweeted in March after Maps shared a picture of himself hugging a woman – whom his fans thought looked like her. 

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The heartbreak question on her Instagram Live seemed to touch a nerve

“We are strong, we are moving… don’t know her, what do you mean? This is tough. What’s a heartbreak? Is it the name of a street? The name of a mall,” Nomzamo said in between awkward giggles. 


Many social media users said Nomzamo’s hysterical and nervous laughter was proof that she was not truly over her breakup.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is exactly what we as ladies do trying to convince people we are okay.” 

Another added: “I’d understand if she just calmly answered that she hasn’t experienced heartbreak but to laugh hysterically and act like she doesn’t know what a heartbreak is sounds like denial and hurt. Disappointed face. Poor thing


Some Twitter users felt the video was a cringe-fest and Nomzamo should have played it cool as there is nothing wrong with being heartbroken after a relationship fails

“Guys it’s really okay to be heartbroken hey. It’s okay to be hurt,” a tweep wrote.


Nomzamo tried to defend herself against claims she was still hurting over her breakup. 

“I’m so heartbroken I haven’t left my bed for eight months. I don’t even know what my name is. Can’t move. Turning down all the movies and major deals man. This is a cry for help,” she said in a sarcastic tweet.

But Twitter users were not buying it and continued to accuse the Coming 2 America 2 star of trying to hide her pain.

Nomzamo eventually decided to drown out the noise by deactivating her Twitter page.

But one tweep noted that she had simply “muted” her account.

“This account is not “deactivated”, it just muted. You can do that to avoid all the drama and come back again when you feel ok… Nomzamo is a brand, you can’t just deactivate your account because of few clowns on Twitter… “

That didn’t stop Twitter users from continuing to debate the issue among themselves

One tweep claimed Nomzamo was a “ticking time bomb” and called on Maps to explain what he did to the actress.

“Good day sir, @MapsMaponyane. Twitter streets are worried about Nomzamo, her heartbreak is loud now, the deactivation sums it up. Please address the masses over this question, are you the one behind the fake laughs & sudden confusion of what heartbreak means/is? Regards,” the user posted. 

Another tweep added: “I think it’s time we have a hashtag to ask Maps what he did to Nomzamo she’s now deactivated her account this is worrying now. “

Despite trending on Twitter, Maps remained mum on the matter. We doubt he will say anything – especially given Nomzamo’s threat about opening a can of worms!