1. Do keep up the skincare basics

Whether you’re indulging in an overenthusiastic 11-step skincare regime all of a sudden or hanging on by a thread – at least keep up the basics. Your skin should need less attention – less external aggressors, pollution, UV exposure etc – but you shouldn’t skimp on essential skincare

2. Do use SPF daily

Even if your phone, laptop or TV screen is the only light you’re seeing, do continue to use SPF50+ every day. Partially because UV damage is cumulative and all forms of it is damaging to your skin, and partially because it’s a very good habit to stay in.

Side note: If you’re taking it easy on skincare (no judgement), one step you shouldn’t slack on is double cleansing. If you use a rich moisturiser, barrier cream or SPF, you should always double cleanse at night.

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3. Don’t DYI everything

If you still had gel or acrylic on your nails when lockdown started, you wouldn’t have had much of a choice than to start buffing, filing or soaking off by now. Eyebrows need to be plucked and natural hair colour is showing everywhere. Waxing is going out the window and everyone is grabbing their razors.

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4. Pick your DYI battles

Frustration and boredom are a dangerous combination – and also where at least half my bad ideas are born.

The annoyance of your roots showing is still better than ruining thousands of rands worth of highlights with box dye. Split ends are better than cutting chunks out of your hair with the kitchen scissors. It’s not forever.

If you can’t stop yourself, start small. A sides wept curtain fringe is much easier to grow out than chompy chunks or a shaved head a la Britney Spears, for example. Make full use of resources like Youtube tutorials, and find the best tools you can lay hands on.

A couple of days ago I cut myself a fringe with the help of three different tutorials and the neighbours’ sterilised hair scissors passed over the wall. It looks ok but it has already annoyed me – definitely think it through for a couple of days 😉

Get rid of puffy, tired eyes at home

5. Do make an effort now and then

I’m not formally employed (and I’m single!), so this gets more difficult as every week goes by, but do make an effort. Shave your legs, give yourself a pedicure, style your hair, put on some makeup. It most certainly boosts morale, and it gives a great ‘because I’m worth it’ moment every time you catch a glimpse of your efforts.