Warrick ‘DJ Warras’ Stock has been slammed on social media for comments he made about the payment of child support grants

The radio presenter took to Twitter after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s coronavirus briefing on Tuesday to share his thoughts on some of the relief measures announced.

One of the measures put in place will see child grants increasing by R300 in May and R500 from June to October to help the needy during the pandemic.

DJ Warras was not happy with the move.

“I don’t agree with the child grant payment, before Covid-19. That whole payment for children is just a s**t plan. People should not be incentivised to have children they can’t afford,” he tweeted.

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He immediately received criticism from Twitter users. #DJWarrasMustFall was trending at number two on Wednesday morning.

Some people accused him of being ignorant

“DJ Warras tweeting from a place of privilege, who asked for his opinion,” one tweep wrote.

Another Twitter user added: “DJ Warras is basically saying our great grandparents should have waited until end of Apartheid to have children because they did not have financial stability under oppression. #DJWarrasmustfall.”

DJ Warras deleted his post and tried to clarify what he meant

“I have since deleted the tweet as the point I was making was not understood. I was trying to make a point about absentee fathers who leave single mothers & the state to bare (sic) the responsibility of raising their children.”

He added in a separate tweet that his comments were not directed at the children who receive grants.

“It wasn’t about dead fathers. Or about the kids. It was about the irresponsible behaviour of adults.”

Some Twitter users said that they agreed with DJ Warras and his only mistake was how he addressed the issue.

“Just that he said it with an attitude but honestly people are misusing that child grant and I’ve seen it. He is right, the sooner people start planning before they can make kids the better,” one woman wrote.

Some Twitter users said that the issue was deeper than children having “irresponsible parents”

“Many of you saying DJ Warras is right, but you also grew up with grant and you know how that money can change a family’s life. Truth is there are children suffering now who will benefit a lot from this. They mustn’t suffer bcz of irresponsible parents,” one tweep wrote. 

Another user said that he had a problem with people assuming that women were having children just to get a grant. 

“I think the problem is him saying people are being incentivised to have children. Like people wanna have babies just to get social grants. Who in their right mind would get pregnant just to receive around R300 p/m which won’t even cover the expenses??!

DJ Warras said that the child grant debate was not one that could happen on social media

“It’s definitely not a debate we can have on Twitter friend. But it is one that needs to be had. Because all those children that are born every day pay the price. And this reliance on government to sort everything out with money – surely by now we have seen how that goes.”