Local songstress Cici is getting ready to welcome new life into the world and as she prepares to welcome her new child, she has opened up about her pregnancy adding that, by doing so, she hopes that her fans see the reality of pregnancy and not the glamorised version celebrities often share on social media

In a recent interview, Cici admits that, “I think for most expecting moms and dads pregnancy is actually difficult. There are so many changes and challenges that come with being pregnant. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and it’s not as glamorous as people make it out to be.”

The star added that she has been having honest conversations through her social media DMs and has realised that so many women around the country struggle with the emotional element of pregnancy and continue to battle to accept their bodies during this time. She has also realised that pregnancy takes a toll on the father as well – which is something she believes that expecting mothers shouldn’t dismiss.

“I realised that sometimes it is not moods because of hormones alone. It is also a case of a little resentment that the woman sometimes can’t help but feel, that they are the ones who have to sacrifice more,” she says.

“Insomnia, weight gain, the insecurity that comes with the weight gains and so on. Essentially women feel they are making more of a sacrifice than the other party, but even the dads have to deal with these changes. It’s not easy.”

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She continues that the lockdown has been difficult because she doesn’t have her family and close friends around her during this time.

“I come from a very close-knit family and we are very supportive of one another. Because of the virus they won’t get to be there for me like they wanted and had planned. Now, we (her and baby daddy) will just have to wing it, but we’ll figure it out. I guess we’ll just have to pray about it and also get guidance by other means. There’ll be a lot of video calling and whatever other methods we can use to interact with our families,” she said.