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Weights arenâ??t just for muscle-heavy men at the gym, and you donâ??t even need to go to the gym to use them. You can do fun, quick moves using weights right in your living room!

Thatâ??s right! And the best part? You donâ??t even have to buy those intimidating huge pieces of equipment. All you need are two small dumbbell weights to start off with. These are available to purchase at Game, Mr. Price Sport and other department stores that sell sports equipment.

Combining weight training with cardio exercises helps you lose weight because it increases your metabolism rate.

The important thing to remember about exercising is to enjoy it. If you donâ??t look forward to it, youâ??re not going to want to do it.

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To make it fun, buy yourself one or two workout DVDs online through or Thereâ??s a whole bunch of fun workouts to choose from dancing to kickboxing.

If you donâ??t have time for a full workout, simply do a couple of squats and lunges while youâ??re watching TV. Lift the weights above your head or to the side for a few repetitions each while standing.

Good news for women

There are so many benefits for women using weights in their workouts. One of them is that by incorporating strength training over a period of time, you can help prevent osteoporosis-related fractures and bone loss, and you might even build new bone!

As fun as it is to exercise with weights, it can also lead to injury – as can any exercise – if youâ??re not careful. If youâ??re new to using weights,join a class at the gym, or buy a workout DVD with qualified trainers who can show you the right way to do the moves. Jillian Michaels and Jessica Smith are fantastic trainers who keep you motivated, have fun, and know exactly what theyâ??re doing. 

To get your body ready for summer or to just tone up a few areas â?? and have fun doing it, all you need is a pair of dumbbell weights and the commitment to doing a few repetitions at least three times a week. 
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